Tudung Ratu – 2011 Collection


Seri Ratu Busana: An Intro

Salam and greetings.

I would like to announce the very first post of ours in regards to our products, and services. But of course Seri Ratu Busana offers a whole varied range of tudung/ headscarves and busana muslimah.

But for the time being, we will always update our products through showing you our photos and prices as well as contact number, e-mail address et cetera.

At the moment, our Facebook profile is already operating for about two/ three weeks now. However, due to some privacy concerns, we cannot send message straight into your inbox. That’s when our e-mail comes to assistance: we can always drop a line to each other, perhaps something about our product or price, et cetera.

Please stay tuned and watch this space as we are now ready to activate and put attractive tudungs of ours here, wore by equally beautiful models.

Thank you, happy shopping with Seri Ratu Busana and assalamualaikum.

🙂 Seri –